Launch Day!!!!

Hey my loves!!


As I sit here finishing up last minute details I could not be more excited or happy to finally share this project with you all!

Before cutting the proverbial ribbon and opening the doors to the store I would like to reflect on something important with you all. Fitness is a JOURNEY and one that we all go on alone. We can seek support and motivation from outside sources but at the end of the day only we each know our target goals, current hurdles, and personal preferences. This is why I believe that a set in stone fitness program delivered to the masses can never be truly effective for everyone. Only by learning HOW to live a fit life and then tailoring it to our specific criteria can we get the BEST results. I hope this knowledge is revolutionary for you, and I also hope that I can help provide that outside motivation as well.

Grab your program, get familiar with it - the concepts are very simple but life altering - and design your fit lifestyle. Embark on your journey, and know that we are all on our own journeys right along side you!

A fun update I want to leave you with: I am currently studying to become a CPT (certified personal trainer). This is my current journey. I have fallen so deeply in love with the world of fitness that I am ready to take it to the next level. We are all constantly evolving. As I myself evolve, grow and constantly learn more I will find ways to share the knowledge and new techniques with you as well. This site will hopefully become, not just a store, but a flowing fountain of knowledge and inspiration. What a pretty mental picture that is.

I love you all, and WELCOME to Rocio Laura Fitness!



Rocio Laura

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