About us

Rocio Laura is a NYC based social media influencer and entrepreneur. She received her Master’s at the age of 22 in the field of education. After two years of teaching Pre-K she decided to transition into working full-time from home and focus on her YouTube channel. With her channel growing and thriving she wanted to expand her brand in other directions.

Rocio Laura Fitness began as a passion project. Rocio, seeing there was a high demand for fitness related content on her YouTube channel, began to focus more on those types of videos. She shared any and every diet, workout, or other fad that she was trying with her viewers. As she became more educated on topics of fitness and nutrition she started to see that there were healthier, long term options to getting fit and easily staying fit for life. 

The program, How To Get Fit For Life, was born in order to share the knowledge gained from her years of research and endless hours in the gym. After becoming a self proclaimed gym rat and casually training a multitude of workout partners, Rocio is now working towards becoming a certified personal trainer.

Beyond Rocio Laura Fitness, Rocio also hosts seminars and workshops in NYC. She will be bringing these workshops to an online classroom soon. Becoming an entrepreneur and, essentially her own boss, was one of the happiest and most rewarding decisions Rocio has made. She hopes to share her passion and drive with others and empower them to follow their own dreams.


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