30 Day Workout Program

30 Day Workout Program

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  • 30 Day Full Body Workout Plan
  • 5 workout days per week (4 resistance training, 1 active rest day)
  • 2 weeks of workouts for variation (repeat the program after week 2 to finish off the month)

I hope you Love Bugs enjoy this free resource I created. I will be following this plan in prep for an upcoming vacation. Check out this video to learn more and leave a like on it if you want me to film these workouts for a visual representation to go along with this guide. 

(Those vids, when filmed, will also be found on my YouTube channel so be sure to subscribe there)


Update: This site will be getting a touch up within the next few months. At that time (once I figure out how) I will include video resources directly on site for you. Always grateful for your patience. xoxo

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