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Double The Bubble: Best Glute Training Techniques to Grow a Booty

Double The Bubble: Best Glute Training Techniques to Grow a Booty

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Have you been trying, and Trying, and TRYING, yet struggling to grow your glutes? Are you torturing yourself at the gym, pushing your body to lift heavier weights, training more often - and not seeing the results you really want?


When I first learned about the technique taught in this ebook I became instantly excited. This made sense! 

When I began to apply this research to my training I saw first hand - this leads to results!

The BEST part - while the book speaks about the legs and glutes (because that was my focus while training), this concept can actually be used with ANY MUSCLE GROUP to provide optimal and Faster results, aka bigger muscles :) 


In this ebook, you will learn:

* What is MPS and why a basic understanding of this makes all the difference

* The concept of SRA training and Why it Works

* How to effectively tweak your training around SRA for whatever starting point you are currently at - in life, in your schedule, your strength level, training, or any other relevant factor

* THREE sample workout plans, each with a basic structure that can be adjusted and reused time and time again to get RESULTS

* In Gym and At Home focused workout plans to fit into your real life


Don't forget to use #DoubleTheBubble within your community so I can check on your hard work and amazing progress!



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