How To Get Fit For Life Program

Rocio Laura Fitness

$ 44.95

Are you tired of jumping from one fad diet to another? Are you simply tired of the word diet? While there's no magic secret to losing weight, it IS actually very simple to get fit and stay fit for life!!! 

The 'How To Get Fit For Life' program is a fully customizable 3 week meal, workout and journaling plan that is set up in a way to help you SUCCEED! It places the most important piece of the puzzle first: YOU!!! This program teaches you how to get REAL results for YOUR specific goals, preferences, and life.

The program includes the ebook which is over 60 pages long and full of do now activities, worksheets and jam packed with the information you need to get you on the right path toward your fitness goals. You will also gain access to a whole bunch of videos available only with this program. There are workout videos as well as motivational videos to keep you on track.

As a BONUS you also get lifetime access to all the FREE fitness related PDFs I've created to supplement my YouTube videos and newsletter. These PDFs are only distributed publicly for 1 month but you will be able to access them at your leisure.



From May 31, 2016 - June 21, 2016 I will be doing this program along with you! I will be updating you of my daily progress via the members only section. I want to see you all succeed towards your goals!! I hope that by doing this together I will be able to provide extra support and motivation. So pick up the program today, begin to get familiar with it, and let's all get summer ready together!!

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