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Keto-Vegan Shopping List Resource

Keto-Vegan Shopping List Resource

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I created this free resource for my recent video "Most Effective FAT LOSS diet and WHY | will I follow it?" to provide further information for anyone interested! Here's some more info on the video in case you haven't seen it yet: 

"In our previous fat loss video we learned how to plan your daily macronutrients for fat loss and we even created a sample diet plan for a client that weighed 150lbs and wanted to lose 10lbs of fat. You can see that video here:

Today we will continue exploring fat loss. I revisited the Ketogenic diet with the help of the "Keto Diet app" to see if the app would make it easier for me to navigate a keto lifestyle. During that process I aimed to answer 3 main questions for you:

What is keto?

How does it work (scientifically)?

What makes it so effective for fat loss especially?"


Hope this helps!



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